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Who We Are:

The Exit Strategy Group is an elite Florida Business Exchange Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory team with a dedication to confidentiality and client success. We at XSG are fiercely dedicated to achieving winning outcomes for our clients by living out our core values: Excellence, Tenacity, Leadership, Growth, and Strategy. XSG is built on the foundation of strong team development and internal personal growth. Our belief is that the client’s success is an extension of our individual pursuit of our core values and self-leadership.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for
individuals to join our team who align with our core values, desire to be challenged daily, and be a part of a high-preforming team. XSG is an
environment where every team member is expected to be a leader and problem solver. We are looking for individuals who:

1. Are Optimism: Always seeking a positive outcome

2. Are Curious: A learn-it-all, not a know-it-all

3. Has A Proactive Work Ethic: Not just doing what is asked, but thinking of what else
can be done

4. Has Empathy: Know what you leave in your wake

5. Are Self-Aware: “Can read your own weather report?”

6. Has integrity and Trust: Need I Say More

7. Loves To Win: “Every day is an opportunity to honor what we did yesterday, and do it
a little better today.”

Who is an ideal candidate:

Real Estate: Experience in working with or in a real estate office, loan office, or title company

Legal: Experience in working with or in an attorney’s office

Accounting & Financial services: Experience in working with or in the accounting or financial services industry

Marketing: Experience in marketing, advertising, lead generation, or business development

Motivated: Someone who may not have exact direct experience but is motivated and dedicated to learning the job and growing within a team. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


Office: 125 E Indiana Ave Deland, FL 32724

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