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The Exit Strategy Group

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The Exit Strategy Group is an elite business brokerage and M&A advisory team fiercely dedicated to the confidentiality and success of your business exit.

Our team’s utilization of cutting edge technology, advanced marketing strategies, Ai driven processes, and time-tested buyer qualification tactics ensures your highest level of success and profitability.

Our proven strategy and processes lead to higher exit valuations and shorter exit timelines than our single agent competitors at no added cost to the seller. Data shows our clients have experienced 20-30% higher exit valuations across multiple industries with 20-30% shorter time on market. How do we consistently achieve these outcomes?

Team Structure and Skills Multiplication:  Our dedication to client success is maximized by leveraging unparalleled team dynamic and talent, rather than operating as a singular agent. We find that most singular agents don’t follow up with and properly qualify leads, they restrict buyer access to sensitive information, and they cannot effectively market the business to maximize results. Our strategy ensures we reach the largest qualified buyer audience while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

Unrivaled Lead Communication, Qualification, and Follow up: By leveraging Ai driven processes, cutting edge automation technology, and an unwavering dedication to confidentiality our team guarantees every potential lead is captured, recorded, engaged with, qualified, and placed into a follow up sequence. No buyer lead falls through the cracks.

Fierce Dedication To Confidentiality: Our strict buyer lead process maximizes our ability to qualify every incoming lead, verify buyer proof of funds and purchasing capacity, validate buyer compatibility, and determine the buyer’s ability to reach a closing. Every buyer must meet these minimum requirements and any additional qualifications the seller requests.

Magnetic and Attention Getting Marketing: We use innovative marketing tactics to attract more qualified, high-intent leads. An attention to detail and the ability to analyze business operations, data, and financials enables the creation of clear and dynamic marketing material that communicate the story of your company while withholding any confidential information.

Industry Leaders and Pioneers: Our teams skills and talent are derived from FBX's rich heritage and accomplishments as pioneers in the business of selling businesses. This company was founded in 1990 by the foremost industry expert and longest standing business broker in the United States, Bert Risdon.

The XSG Team

Jason Godwin

XSG President

M&A Advisor

Farrah Bass

Operations Manager

Stephanie Sousa

Business Intermediary

Aubrie Racies

Transaction Coordinator

& Administrator


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