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The Florida Business Exchange

Over 1,500 Transactions Valued at $500M+

Florida Business Exchange (FBX) has been serving buyers and sellers in the state of Florida since 1990.

Founded by the current Broker/Owner, Bert Risdon, the company was one of the first business brokerages in the state and established its first office in the Orlando area in 1990.

In the early 2000s FBX opened offices in Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. Corporate headquarters were established in Volusia County in 2016 and began actively recruiting new associates throughout the state.

As of today, FBX is one of the largest non-franchised business brokerage firms in Florida and has sold over 1500 businesses worth over $500 million.

About the Founder…

Bert Risdon is the Founder, Broker, and President of FBX.

Considered to be one of the longest standing business brokers in the country, Bert has been a business broker since 1966 and has successfully completed several hundred transactions himself. Originally from Michigan, Bert moved to Florida in 1990 where he established Florida Business Exchange.

Bert is also one of the founding members of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF); which is the largest business broker co-brokering organization in the country. As a result of Bert’s expertise, he is regarded as one of the most experienced business brokers in Florida and is often consulted by other brokers on complex or difficult deals.

The FBX Team

Bert Rison

FBX President

Herb Stewartson

FBX Vice President

Jason Godwin

M&A Advisor

XSG Team Leader

Stephanie Sousa

Business Intermediary


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